ASUS Straight Edge Podcast Features Intel’s Dan Snyder and Aaron Mcgavock

The ASUS Straight Edge podcast is one of those rare moments when we get a peek behind the curtain of the PC industry and hear the thoughts of some of the industry’s most influential players. The latest edition is no exception and features two Intel employees that between them have more than 40 years of experience. The podcast covers a lot of ground including some historical musing around previous architectures like Conroe as well conversations that cover the future for Intel.

The ASUS Straight Edge podcast initiative is of course organized in cooperation with the guys over at, and as you would expect the topic of overclocking takes center stage for a large chunk of the broadcast. If you are in any way interested in Intel’s role in overclocking including how the company’s position has changed over the years, you will find the interview with Dan and Aaron rather interesting. The podcast also covers the hot topic of Intel’s official stance on non-K overclocking, as well as less controversial topics such as VR, Gaming and Mobile processor platforms.

To listen to the podcast, simply visit the forum thread on

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