Inaugural rAge Event Excites and Delivers In The Cape

In the aftermath of the HWBOT World Tour leg in S.Africa a few weeks ago, here’s a news piece that highlights the success of the first ever rAge event in Cape Town. As for the HWBOT gang? We thoroughly concur. A good time was had by all.

[Press Release] The really Awesome gaming expo (rAge) made its first appearance in Cape Town last week and the consensus from exhibitors, visitors and the organisers is: “We’ll be back!”

According to Michael James, owner and Senior Project Manager of rAge, “I was really pleased with the high level of enthusiasm and excitement with which rAge Cape Town was received. I’m extremely happy with the turnout, especially for an inaugural expo and LAN. The venue in my opinion worked very well, and for 2017 GrandWest management have informed us that they’ll have a lot more space for us to use and grow into. I believe it was a solid start and the future of rAge in Cape Town looks very bright.” The 9,091 visitors didn’t disappoint the exhibitors who committed to the first event, and their presence brought much joy to gamers and geek enthusiasts in the Cape.

“We had a very successful rAge Cape Town. We were blown away with not only the number of people but also their enthusiasm. The visitors loved the games we showcased and for us it proved a unique opportunity to interact with people in Cape Town in a way we haven’t been able to engage them before. We’ll definitely be back. We were super pleased,“ says Ronelle Hendriks, Ster Kinekor Entertainment Independent Product Manager.

Karl Klöpfer, Marketing Manager of BT Games, added, “We were thrilled to be part of rAge Cape Town. It’s great to see the level of excitement of our Cape customers and the value they place in our brand and that of rAge. It may have taken a while for us to get to the Cape, but we hope that gamers in the region see how much we value them and their contribution to gaming in SA.”

The feedback from gamers who attended the NAG LAN was equally positive.

A HUGE thanks to @rAgeExpo @MonsterGaming @nagcoza for making this weekend memorable. What an Amazing Event.


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