[PRO OC] The Importance of DDR4 Overclocking in Competitive OC Environment - Part 1: 2D Benchmark

Extreme overclocker Alva Jonathan debates the importance of DDR4 overclocking in a competitive overclocking environment using HyperX Fury DDR4.

PC system memory, or RAM as we usually called it, has been getting faster and faster with every generation. At some point after the DDR4 platform was introduced, some believed that DDR4 had become so fast that memory bandwidth was no longer a bottleneck in a PC system.

Many power-users today believe that memory overclocking is basically a waste of time, since there seems to be very little gain for overall system performance by DDR4 overclocking. Especially compared to overclocking the CPU or GPU. Not to mention that DDR4 tuning requires a lot of effort and understanding as well

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Belgium Massman says:

Thanks for sharing the information and bios settings [MENTION=6582]Lucky_n00b[/MENTION] :celebration: :celebration:

Taiwan sdougal says:

Great article Alva. A really solid intro to the darker arts of memory overclocking. Perfect for newbies like me. I look forward to Part II. :)

Noxinite says:

Very nice, maybe we should have a Geekbench low clock leaderboard instead of pifast and 1M?

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Nice one!

United States Strong Island says:

cool article, thanks for sharing

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Alva for president


Nice work

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Thanks for the kind words guys ;) More articles coming soon, still getting used to writing article in English hahah :D (I wrote articles daily, but in Indonesian :p)

Poland phobosq says:

Noxinite said: Very nice, maybe we should have a Geekbench low clock leaderboard instead of pifast and 1M?

I support this, geekbench is fun :D

United States Gunslinger says:

Awesome job Alva!

FlanK3r says:

nice review and the true :)

United States steponz says:

Nice Alva... Good stuff :)

Sweden Rauf says:

Good work!

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