I.nfraR.ed hits 3.2GHz with 2x AMD K7: New Hardware 1st Place

It’s not every day that the Old School is Best School contest throws up a record breaking submission, after all it is a contest that centers on really old hardware that probably spends more time in your loft than your benchtable. With this in mind it is a touch surprising to see an overclocker dust off a platform from fifteen years ago and make a submission that breaks a hardware global record.

Enter I.nfraR.ed and his wPrime 32M score of 24sec 437ms which is the fastest ever recorded by dual Athlon XP-M 2500+ CPUs. The score is even more remarkable when you factor in the fact that he pushed these Barton architecture beauties to 3,220MHz, a whopping +72.56% beyond stock settings.

The rig used included a MSI K7D Master (MS-6501) motherboard, 1GB of DDR memory and a classic Riva TNT2 M64 (NV6) VGA card. The submission will give his team a good chance to win Round 3 of the Old School is Best contest, although they will need to make some kind of submission on Stage 1 (3DMark01: Socket A + GeForce 4) to have a chance. With this rig at his disposal, I.nfraR.ed may just have a chance.

Check out the submission here on HWBOT as well as the wPrime 32m 2xCPU rankings with Athlon XP-M 2500+ CPUs.

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