Old School is Best School Round 4 Begins: Socket 478/479 and Radeon 9000

The fourth installment of this year’s Old School is Best School contest is about to get underway on OC-ESPORTS and this time around there is an added twist with two Intel Socket platforms allowed; the Intel Socket 478 and Socket 479. Why two? Well, if your memory serves you rightly you will recall that Socket 478 is a bonafide desktop PC socket while Socket 479 was in fact a mobile PC platform. The twist involves the fact that back in the day, it was possible to run mobile CPUs on desktop boards thanks to specialized adapters that were available. On the VGA side of things, Round 4 invites us to dust off our old Radeon 9000 series cards. Read on for a detailed breakdown.

Just to keep you up to speed, the Old School is Best School contest on OC-ESPORTS is a team overclocking contest that invites overclockers from all walks of life and backgrounds to compete on old hardware that your mother probably threw away after you went to college. In Round 4 the challenge is to dig out your Intel Pentium 4 and Pentium M CPUs as well as some classic Radeon video cards - all dated back from around 2004-2005. As well as being a chance for the oldtimers to reminisce the good old days, it’s also a chance for younger overclockers to get a taste of what overclocking was like back in the day.

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