ocXtreme Forum and HWBOT Team Make a Comeback

Just recently we saw the revival of one of the most revered an respected OC forum hubs around. ocXtreme.net, after three of inactivity are back, including not just a re-launch of the ocXtreme.net forum but also the ocXtreme team on HBWOT.

Not so long ago the ocXtreme forum was one of the most popular places on the web for many of the world’s most active and prolific overclockers to meet, chart and discuss Overclocking. Overclockers from back in the day will fondly recall visiting the site to glean information, advice and take advantage of the wealth of valuable content that the site offered.

Many members of the ocXtreme Team on HWBOT remain a real force to be reckoned with, not least of all the Elite League’s current No.5 Splave. Despite being mostly inactive in recent years, the ranks of the ocXtreme Team still boasts membership numbers in excess of 300 and comprises a broad swathe of overclockers from around the globe. ocXtreme Team leaders joe_cool and websmile have been fundamental to the ocXtreme revival. websmile posted this a few weeks ago:

“Over the last years there were several discussions about if and how a comeback of OCXTreme could be done. It became clear that the spirit of OCX still meant a lot to people who wanted to push a more independent and individualistic approach to competitive overclocking, and that there was something missing the forum and team offered in the past. The old forum was lost, the team inactive, so after considering all options, we decided to start again, with a new forum and also start a new hwbot team . The Kudos for this go especially to German oc legend joe_cool who was the main force at this and also a major inspiration for me to take part in this project.”

Make sure to visit the new ocXtreme.net forum. . You can read more about the ocXtreme comeback here on the HWBOT forum thread also.

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