Dancop Takes Pifast World Record: 9sec 190ms

Dancop has once again just gone and proved exactly why he is currently the world’s number one overclocker, taking the PiFast World Record with a new high score of 9sec 190ms. The score was made using an Intel Core i7 6700K at 6863.2MHz, a massive +71.58% beyond the realms of stock settings. Other rig details include an ASUS Maximus VIII Impact and G.SKILL Trident Z 16MB DDR4 2032.6 memory. The PinFast 1st place earns the mercurial German 124.9 points as well as 16.4 points for Core 6700K Pifast hardware points.

The new World Record puts plenty of space between the previous record of 9sec 340ms from Itay’s rsannino, a score submitted back on the 23 of January this year with an i7 6700K clocked at 6765MHz (+69.12%). The win also solidifies Dancop’s position at the top of the elite League table where he now sits with a total of 3408.pts, more 650 points ahead of his nearest rival Xtreme Addict. On OC-ESPORTS Dancop also occupies the top spot on the World Overclocking Rankings 2016 with 294 points, ahead of Extreme overclocker marc0053 on 247 points.

Congrats to Dancop for his immensely hard work using a what appears to a very special chip. Remember you can check out the PiFast submission here, as well as thePiFast Hall of Fame here.

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