The French Federation of Overclockers (FFOC) Officially Launched

The French have never been shy about asserting themselves collectively, be it unionism, socialism or any other group activity worth having, they will be there as an organized collective entity. And so it is with overclocking as today we bring you news that key members of the French overclocking community have formed the French Federation of Overclocking (FFOC). To explain it better I refer you to the current French No.1 Elite overclocker, Jean-Michel "Wizerty" Weaver, the President of the newly formed Federation.

“The FFOC is an impartial entity that represents the entire French overclocking community independent of any specific OC team.”

The formation of this new body means that Overclocking teams in France now have a structured and representative body to represent their interests on the international stage. In the words of Isaiah Trouffman Simonnet:

"France has always had a special place in the world of overclocking. The FFOC will help contribute to the national and international visibility."

The first major meetup of the French Federation of OverClocking will take place during the European qualifying series of the HWBOT World Tour 2016 at Gamers Assembly, Poitiers, France next weekend. According to Timothy" Xyala "Pineau - Organizer of the HWBOT World Tour.

"Ensuring the availability of OC workshops and a relaxed social environment to mix, learn and compete is one of the vocations of the FFOC. This allows direct contact with the public who can connected and learn about the sport of Overclocking "

French overclockers and overclocking teams are invited to register on the FFOC website. To learn more about the French Federation of OverClocking (FFOC) visit the official website at:

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