Sub-$100 Overclocking? ExtremeBenching See if the Old Romance is There for a Phenom II X4 965

Garon Middleton and the guys over at ExtremeBenching have come up with an interesting new series of articles centered around overclocking the more affordable hardware that’s available on today’s market, including the older gear that can had for a song. Each month they plan to get hold of a new sub-$100 component and see what they can do with it. This might not sound too exciting to Extreme overclockers who are much more interested in pushing the best gear they can get their hands on, but JunkDogg’s approach is actually quite a noble attempt to prove the relevance of the low tier from a purely overclocking perspective.

“This series is meant to be fun and remind some of us that spending $1000’s of dollars is not required to enjoy Overclocking in its purest form. Due to time constraints, I won’t be able to Overclock every piece of hardware on LN2. However, I will try to majority of the time. Granted some components won’t be worth benching on COLD, so those will be explained straight away so not to cause confusion.”

Kicking the off the series is a look at the AMD Phenom II X4 965, an older AMD Quad-Core Black Edition chip that has plenty of headroom. It’s long in the tooth sure, but it can still be had online for a very low, sub-$100 price tag.

Check out the article on to see how JD gets on.

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