Riska Takes SuperPi 1M World Record: 5sec 62ms

In case you don’t know, Riska is one of Denmark’s top, top overclockers, a fact underlined by a submission he made yesterday that broke a World Record that has been around since February 2014. Riska’s SuperPi 1M run of just 5sec 62ms is the new best ever score for that benchmark, a score that edges out Hong Kong’s John Lam by 16ms. Riska made the run using a Core i7 3770K clocked at 7,108MHz.

The choice of Ivy Bridge for this new World Record of course shouldn’t come as a surprise, as a glance at the SuperPi 1M Hall of Fame will testify to the platform’s adeptness at this particular benchmark. In fact seventy one of the top eighty scores have been made using the Core i7 3770K. Riska managed to push his 3770K to a very satisfying 7,108MHz which actually +103.09% beyond stock settings. Other rig details include a Maximus V Extreme board, 4GB of DDR3 pushed to 1,354MHz (CL8.0 12-8-28 1T) and apparently some Kryonaut thermal grease from Thermal Grizzly and a Grit 3000 lapped CPU.

As you can see from the HWBOT forum thread this score has already reaped plenty of praise and respect from many of the scene’s most significant players, clearly an indication of how happy folks are to see a World Record topple, especially after more than two years.

A massive congrats to Riska for his efforts. Well done sir. Remember you can check out the SuperPi 1M submission here, as well as the overall SuperPi 1M benchmark rankings here, and the benchmark’s Hall of Fame page here on HWBOT.

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