HWBOT Opinion Poll: What Hardware Release Do You Most Look Forward To?

Every once in a while we here at HWBOT like to throw a question out there and feel out the OC community on a specific issue. You may have even noticed the poll module on the lower right side of the HWBOT site. The most recent Poll was in reference to apparent levels of anticipation forthcoming hardware launches.

The question was put: What hardware release do you look most forward to? With several pretty major CPU and GPU launches on the horizon in 2016, this is indeed an interesting question to ask at this time. If you haven’t already, check out the eventual results on the left side of this article.

With 37.57% of the vote, it’s no surprise that AMD’s forthcoming Zen platform launch is the most anticipated hardware launch on the radar. Sure the GPU was continue with Nvidia’s Pascal (2nd most anticipated with 25.99% of the vote) is causing waves goosepimply enticement, but are we really looking at a monumental shift in performance? More like an incremental improvement if GPU launches of late are any indication.

No. Surely AMD has talked its way into the most anticipated CPU launch for many years. The company is promising that its Zen architecture will finally land a performance punch on Intel, a very, very bold thing to say seeing that AMD’s current HEDT offerings are nowhere near Intel in terms of raw grunt and efficiency. Can AMD reclaim the high end desktop space? It seems that is question we are all pondering, and possibly hoping for at this moment in history.

Thanks to all 354 visitors who voted. For those of you who didn’t vote, don’t be shy. Next time you see the poll, have a poke and share your opinion with the community.

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