ASUS Reveal GTX 980Ti STRIX Gaming ICE: Water Block, Plus LEDs

ASUS are hoping to woo Overclockers with their latest STRIX card, a remix of the GTX 980Ti dubbed the STRIX Gaming ICE. It’s main feature is that it comes with a built-in Bitspower, full cover water block. The default configuration sees the Gaming ICE card arrive with a basic overclock with the GPU core pushed to 1190MHz (+18.76%), a Boost Clock of 1,291(+28.84%) and a memory clock of 7.2GHz (+2.85%). In a solid water cooled rig, there should be a more headroom to stretch the GPU legs further.

The card has the same GM200 Maxwell GPU but ASUS have apparently beefed up the PWM design to 14 Phases powered by a pair of 8-pin PCIe connectors (rather than the standard 6+8-pin). But hey, let’s not forget that the card also needs plenty of juice to power those custom configurable LEDs. Nothing wrong with a bit of bling in your rig.

ASUS are building up the STRIX brand to be attractive not just to gamers but more for enthusiasts who actually care about having performance. Extreme overclockers who mod their own cards for LN2 benching probably couldn’t care less, but for ambient overclockers who are into custom water cooling, the Gaming ICE looks like a nice fit. Retail price is expected to be around $900 US.

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