Prepping a Motherboard for LN2 for the First Time? ExtremeBenching Show You How

ExtremeBenching have put together a really solid guide on how to prepare your motherboard for overclocking on LN2. From applying the Vaseline (be sure to get it everywhere), to getting the paper towels snugly fitted, JD gives us a pictorial journey through the process.

Seasoned extreme players will tell you that no two overclockers prep their boards in the same way when it comes to insulation and moisture absorption among other things, but what these guys have set out to do is give non-subzero overclockers a very broad, general step by step guide so that you can get started.

“So after reading through the 1 million different threads on every known website to man I thought it would be time I shared my method for getting a motherboard ready. Apologies in advance, I don’t own a good camera so all photos have been taken with a potato.”

Regardless of the photography on show, the guide covers the basics you need to get going on LN2, which if you are doing this for the first time, can indeed be a somewhat intimidating experience.

Check out the article here on ExtremeBenching.

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