Welcome to the New Face of OC-ESPORTS - Front Page Refresh, Schedule Update, Road to Pro Articles, and more

Today we would like to bring your attention to a few changes that have been made to the OC-ESPORTS.io site. The idea is to allow not only better access to contests, the submissions and scores that are happening on the site, but also the editorial content that we post, including the new Pro OC Program. We hope the new layout will also improve visibility so that visitors can very quickly and easily see what’s going on including current World Rankings, current contests that are happening , the scores being submitted and the prizes on offer – all at a glance.

At the very top of the front page we now have the most recent submissions to the OC-ESPORTS site. This ‘Latest Submissions’ area will be updated as each and every submission is made on the site, just to make sure visitors don’t miss a thing. You can also scroll through recent submissions by clicking the arrows on the right side. Further down the page on the left you can find the full contest schedule showing all OC-SPORTS contests that are running right now, the end date, contest name and the number of submissions made so far.

On the front page you will also notice that we have an excerpt from our most recent Pro OC Program where seasoned veteran overclockers from the Elite league share their stories and experiences from competing in the Pro OC Division. These articles are a great read for anyone who is interested in what it takes to compete at the highest level of the game. You can learn more about the Pro OC Program at the new and updated Road to Pro page which has a full introduction to the program plus articles and other related content.

In order to further whet your appetite to compete and get involved the front page now also shows what prizes are currently being offered via which contest. Right now we have some very nice DDR4 kits from G.SKILL as well some hard cash up for grabs. Finally, the front page also has improved visibility of the World Overclocking Ranking 2016. Arguably the most important rankings table in the world Overclocking, this is where you can find out exactly who is top dog this season. This year we have Dancop and ksateaaa23 leading the way.

Don’t forget to check out the newly updated OC-ESPORTS.io for yourself by clicking here.

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