The Overclocker #37: Interview with Lays, Maximus VIII Extreme and Z170X-SOC Force Reviews and The Future of Budget Overclocking

The latest issue of The Overclocker magazine is now available at Joomla!

The Overclocker magazine is the overclocking community's bi-monthly overclocking magazine filled with information on the hardware, the people, and the scores. In Issue #37 we find an interview with extreme overclocker Lays, extensive extreme overclocking reviews of the ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme and GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force motherboards. Also in the magazine is an extensive editorial on the future of budget overclocking.

Quote from the GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force review: "GIGABYTE's board packs in an alarming number of tuning and connectivity features on this board. Enough so that there's a clear distinction between purpose when compared against the G1.Gaming offering. [...]"

Quote from the Lays interview: "I love being competitive about it, but I also love getting as many HWBOT points as I can [...] One of my favourite things to do is looking at other people's scores for similar hardware, and then get a baseline of what to aim for and try to beat."

Quote from the Budget Overclocking editorial: "How about a Core i3 6300K for instance, with just two cores and hyper-threading. A limited number of memory dividers, an unlocked base clock as well [...] a partially unlocked multiplier. Surely this is a viable SKU."

If you want to read more, go check out The Overclocker Issue #37 by clicking HERE or on the image on your left hand side!

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