Dhenzjhen Smashes Geekbench3 and Cinebench World Records with Four 18-Core Xeons

Dhenzjhen has just posted some remarkable scores on HWBOT using a rig that seems almost too gargantuan to imagine. We are talking about a quad-CPU server that uses four Intel Xeon E7-8870 v3 processors – that’s a total of 72 CPU cores (and 144 threads). But hey, you can never have too much performance, which is why Dhenzjhen went ahead and pushed the cores of each of the processors to a tasty 2.7Ghz (+28.57) before getting down to some solid benching. Thus far Dhenzjhen has been rewarded for his efforts with two World Records, plus a 2nd World Ranking place – nice work. Check out the scores (plus submission links) below.

Cinebench R15: 7005 cb -1st place World Ranking

Cinebench R11.5: 52.44 points – 2nd place World Ranking

Geekbench3 Multicore: 10,5214 points – 1st Place World Ranking

The server that Dhenzjhen is working on is actually a far cry from anything most of us have dealt with. The system is centered on a X10QBi motherboard from Supermicro, a quad socket board that uses the Intel C602J chipset (basically an X99 on steroids). Being a server board you would obviously expect there to be plenty of memory support, and so it is here with the X10QBi claimimng to support up to 6TB of DDR4. In fact the system that Dhenzjhen is benching with has a relatively paltry 384GB of DDR4.

In terms of the Intel Xeon E7-8870 v3 processors used in the rig, they are of course socket 2011 chips based on the Haswell-E architecture that also makes up the current HEDT offerings from Intel. These 140 watt babies have 18 cores, each with a base clock of 2.1GHz, and being server chips they pack a monster 45MB of last-level cache. Each chip supports up to 1,536 GB of either DDR3 or DDR4 and has a maximum memory bandwidth of 102 GB/s. Oh, yes and they cost north of $4,500 USD a piece.

Hats off for some very nice work from Dhenzjhen.

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