Dancop Wins ROG OC Showdown Extreme Series Round 3

Last week we reached the conclusion of the ROG Showdown series as the third round of the Extreme Series came to a resounding climax. The Extreme series pits the very top overclockers from around the world against each other. If you check out leaderboard below you may notice it contains several of the world’s top Elite and Extreme players.

The winner in Round 3 is non-other than the Elite League No.1 Dancop, who takes first place with a total of 141 points and a near perfect sweep in each of the three stages, denied a 100% win record by Xtreme Addict who managed to claim top spot in Stage 2 and a haul of 123 points. Sweden’s Rauf arrived in third place after a solid performance that reaped 104 points. Let’s have a look at the winning submissions for each stage in a little detail.

Congrats to fahmi_the bull, Dancop and Nvidiaforver2 for all of their hard work and dedication. Don’t forget you can check out the full standings in more detail by visiting the ROG OC Showdown contest page on OC-SPORTS here

You can also read more about the contest here on the ASUS ROG website

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