HWBOT Updates Tapatalk Forum Compatibility

Today we bring you news that the Tapatalk plugin on the HWBOT has now been updated to the latest 4.10.3 release. Tapatalk is an app which provides improved forum access on mobile devices. The application currently supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone, allowing users to have a single unified interface that can access multiple forums at the same time. If you regularly post on the HWBOT using your smartphone, you may well find that Tapatalk allows you to have a better experience that negates having to use or sign into a browser.

The updated release has improved compatibility for vBulletin 3.8, resolving PHP7 issues and improving compatibility with BYO apps among other things. You can check out the full changelog here on the Tapatalk forum.

If you want to try out Tapatalk, you can download the free app for Android from the Google Play Store here.

And of course iPhone and iPad users can also find it on iTunes.