MSI Publish Load Line Calibration Guide

MSI has recently started to publish articles on their website that target gamers, enthusiasts and even overclockers. Martijn Boonstra recently published a guide that basically teaches you everything you need to know about Load Line Calibration. The article covers the issue of dealing with Vdroop, what levels of LLC are recommended for what situation and how to get better results in practice.

Entitled ‘Why LLC is your friend when overclocking', the article makes for a pretty useful resource for any rookie or novice who has to figure out the nuances involved with correctly using the LLC options in BIOS. It may also be an interesting read for anyone vaguely interested in the topic.

This kind of OC related material is more usually found on forums around the web. It’s encouraging to see MSI take a proactive approach to educating its consumer base with this kind of guide published on their site. Gamers who are brave enough to dabble around in their board’s BIOS can be enticed to tune and overclock their systems with the right guidance, and in doing so get more from the product itself. Nice work.

You can find the guide here on the MSI gaming website.

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