[PRO OC] HyperX FURY DDR4 Memory: Comparing Retail and Engineering Samples

The OC community started to claim that for a few memory generations (ICs), it’s harder or even impossible to find a decent kit which would be able to match or outperform special binned ES samples that have been reserved for top overclockers or reviewers. After the launch of DDR4 with the Intel X99 platform the situation didn’t change at all, with more memory binners starting to feel unhappy and even somewhat de-motivated by the issue.

There were even opinions out there that a ‘weak’ ES kit would still be much better than the best available retail kit. The new Samsung B-Die made things even worse, with very big differences between retail kits – modules which can barely go above stock specifications, up to crazy clockers breaking Low Clock efficiency challenges.

After what I have seen so far and tested by myself I was really curious to compare and assess the differences. There could also be another factor involved. Could it be possible that some vendors were playing a more “dirty” game than others? So let the battle between AFR begin!

Full article at OC-ESPORTS.io

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