Report: Lucky_n00b Wins TOOC 2015 Grand Final, Bandung Indonesia

The Indonesian Overclocking syndicate and website have just published a great report detailing the ins and outs of the latest Overclocking contest to hit the shores of Indonesia, namely the Open Overclocking Championship 2015 Grand Final. The contest draws a line under a year’s worth of Overclocking contests organized by the Jagat OC team (note that Indonesia follows the Balinese calendar which has its New Year on March 9th).

Hosted in the slightly cooler climate of Indonesia’s elevated Bandung region in West Java, the TOOC Grand Final as the name suggests was an open contest for Indonesian overclockers who had made their mark in contests throughout 2015. As well as newer, less well known OC players, the contest attracted eleven of the country’s quickly developing OC scene stars – of course legends Alva "Lucky_n00b" Jonathan and "Hendra IRIS" Masli were in attendance.

In terms of hardware the fierce OC competition was centered around AMD A10-7870K ‘Godavari’ APUs, with ASUS also providing ASUS Crossblade Ranger motherboards especially for the event. Team Vulcan DDR3 memory and SSDs were also provided although all contestants were allowed to bring their own closed-loop water cooling solutions to keep the contest even and tight.

The first round saw combatants go head to head on SuperPi 32M and 3DMark 2001 SE with APUs restricted to a maximum of 4.5GHz. The contestants were given only one hour to complete, a big ask for stage were a Super Pi 32M run could take in the region of 14 mins. After the initial stage contestants were then allowed to move on to the second phase where they were given three hours to bench on 3DMark03, ROG RealBench and AIDA64.

At the end of a frantic and really competitive day of overclocking, you might not be surprised to hear that Lucky_n00b eventually took first place in the contest, in the process booking his seat in the finals for next year. Congrats Alva.

You can read the full article here on JagatOC.

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