RealBench HWBOT Edition v2.43 Now Available, Plus Guide and Beta Contest

The RealBench benchmark developed by ASUS is now available as a HWBOT specific release. The RealBench HWBOT Edition v2.43 is a separate and different version of of the original RealBench app that has been optimized for users who want to submit scores to the HWBOT overclocking database.

The ROG RealBench benchmark was developed by the ASUS ROG team to offer gamers and enthusiasts a way to assess system performance. It actually combines three separate benchmark tests based on open source software to test each aspect of your PC’s performance. The GIMP image editing test assesses single threaded CPU and memory performance using up to SSE4.2 CPU extensions. The Handbrake video compression test assesses multi-threaded CPU and cache performance, taking advantage of AVX CPU extensions. Finally, the LuxMark rendering test is entirely bound to OpenGL performance, leveraging GPU acceleration wherever possible. There is a heavy multi-tasking test which combines the three tests above to simulate a heavy workload scenario.

RealBench also offers an opportunity to run a system stress test, loading the system beyond the heavy multi-tasking test to provide a real test of your system's stability under a very high, sustained load.

One of the key advantages of the HWBOT edition of RealBench is the ability to enjoy integration between the benchmark app and the HWBOT / OC-ESPORTS submission database. It is hoped that along with a simple HWBOT login and leaderboard integration, the HWBOT Edition will also inform users of the current ongoing RealBench competitions.

In fact the very first RealBench contest is about to get underway on OC-ESPORTS with the ROG RealBench - First Beta Challenge kicking off tomorrow (March 4th) . Running until April 11th, the contest will essentially provide a platform to test the HWBOT integration features and allow us to iron out any potential (and possibly inevitable) kinks that may arise.

You can download the RealBench HWBOT Edition v2.43 here where you can also check out a user guide on the ROG website with advice on how to get better scores using the app.


Uruguay andressergio says:

Zip file is corrupted, a video file inside corrupted.

Belgium Massman says:

Can you try this download link and see if it works?

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Glad to see more benchmarks integrating the HWBOT submissions :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Massman said: Can you try this download link and see if it works?

that one works

Germany JeRiKo1 says:

New version works. Is there no option to export the result to a file? I am behind a proxy and can't use the direct upload.

Uruguay andressergio says:

I tried the version from here and worked but the results are "funny", image editing and encoding results are way lower than the results im getting in normal version of RealBench 2.43, and the system score is 30K lower. Also not having the option to save the result and upload later is a great loss.

Uruguay andressergio says:

Just to clarify, when I said the the zip was corrupted i was referring to the posted in the ROG forum.

Aleslammer says:

Just posted a sub, little lost as how to enter the comp, no prompt? Also don't see a link to the background.

Uruguay andressergio says:

So, I made a submission, the score is horrible compared to the normal version of the bench There's no option to participate in the challenge!/round/rog_realbench_beta/rules, and if I try to submit the score form the challenge page it asks for a data file that I can't save in this version, the same happens if you try to make a manual submission through Hwbot, it ask for a data file which evidently is impossible again.

Argentina Alan_Alberino says:

Upload button text is black instead of white and nothing happens when I press it, any help? Sucessfuly logged in but can't upload

Uruguay andressergio says:

Alan, when you press upload a window asking if you want to add a screenshot pops up, it can be hidden behind the main screen of the bench that always stays in top.

Argentina Alan_Alberino says:

andressergio said: Alan, when you press upload a window asking if you want to add a screenshot pops up, it can be hidden behind the main screen of the bench that always stays in top.

I'll check, thanks!

Uruguay andressergio says:

Well, I improved my score, still 26K lower from the normal version of the bench :(

Argentina Alan_Alberino says:

Like in other competitions with broken upload method, you have to upload doing this: Put your submission ID at the end of the link below.

For example, for my submission I have to put and it will upload to OC eSports page

Don't know if it's legal or not, did it at a Gigabyte competition long time ago and posted it on forum like I did now, and nobody said nothing. It's the only way I found to upload since we dont have a file

Uruguay andressergio says:

Excellent, thank you very much Alan.

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