HwBox and GIGABYTE Hold Overclocking Bench Party in Piraeus, Greece

The HwBox offices in Praeus recently played host to a meeting of some of biggest most well known Hellenistic overclocking talent from both past and present OC scenes. Sponsors GIGABYTE provided a couple of Z170 SOC Force boards, the LN2 was delivered and dewered up and of course a proper Greek barbecue was prepared to soak up all the ouzo.

The overclocking sessions covered a heady mix of both old and new with Sofos1990, Phil, FireKiller and Mortisboy hitting some global hardware 1st place rankings on 3x R9 290X and x4 and x3 AMD Radeon 5870 cards. Other well known names from among the Greek overclocking were also present at the event; including GoriLLakoS, Demac, Astalavista and a certain hipro5, a respected overclocker from back in the day who deserves true legendary OC status.

You can read a full detailed article from MetallicGR (in Greek) covering the event on the HwBox.gr website. The article not only has tons of cool pics (including some rare images of a retired legend holding an LN2 pouring cup), but also the scores and hardware used in more detail.

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