Splave Takes Down SuperPi 32M World Record, Plants Flag for U.S.

Splave has just shot himself to the top of the SuperPi 32M World Record leaderboard with a run in just 4min 26sec 625ms using a Skylake Core i7 6700K chip clocked at 6,834MHz, a very nice +70.85% beyond stock. The submission represents a further encroachment of Skylake architecture chips on the SuperPi leaderboard, following up rsannino’s submission last week who now moves down to third on 4min 33sec 172ms. For the record, the top three SuperPi 32M submissions now belong to Skylake processors.

This submission from Splave ousts Dancop who had occupied the top slot since the turn of the year with a run of 4min 28sec 266ms. It’s interesting to note that of the top two submissions, Dancop actually managed to squeeze a touch more from his 6700K, hitting a frequency of 6,837.4MHz. Splave however clearly has an edge when it comes to memory tweaking, hitting 2,040MHz on his G.SKILL Trident DDR4 kit (compared to Dancop’s 1,970MHz).

As an interesting aside note, Splave is actually the first American to hold the Super 32M title since July 2009 when Brian y. took an Intel Xeon W3570 to 5,640MHz and performed a run of 6min 20sec 530ms. Congrats to Splave who puts the US well and truly back on the SuperPi map. Well done sir!

Check out the result on HWBOT here.

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