Hats Off to Strunkenbold, Maintainer of the HWBOT Hardware Database

As a non-profit organization HWBOT simply could not exist without the massive contribution made by its community members. Serving the OC community in the manner that HWBOT does is a big job - way bigger than most people would imagine. It involves teams of moderators for both the results posted and the maintaining of the forums, plus whole teams of translators, local representatives and more. In short, it’s a community effort fueled by a community spirit.

Right now nobody embodies that spirit more than Strunkenbold, a German Extreme overclocker and AwardFabrik team member who recently took it upon himself to tackle one of the biggest jobs you could imagine. Forget the popular idiom of ‘painting the Forth Bridge’, the job of monitoring and maintaining the HWBOT hardware database is as un-ending as it is thankless. Described by many as Titanic in nature, the task taken on by Strunkenbold, known to many simply as Gregor, is deserving of a salute from all who enjoy having a well oiled HWBOT submission engine.

Today HWBOT would officially like to thank Gregor for his monumental efforts in the last few months. Cheers bud!

Feel free to post your own personal thank you message on the forum thread below.

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