Rsannino Hits 4min 33sec 172ms in SuperPi 32M with an i7 6700K

Italian Elite overclocker rsannino has blown the doors off the Super Pi hierarchy with a massively impressive 32M run in 4mins 33sec 172ms. Very nice indeed. What makes the score all the more interesting and relevant is that it is only the second ever SuperPi 32M submission on the ranking leaderboard using a Skylake chip. The score is in fact based on an i7 6700K pumped up 6,714MHz, a hefty +67.85% beyond stock.

Rsannino’s submission is currently ranked as the second ever fastest SuperPi 32M submission on HWBOT. The current world record is by Dancop who tops the table by some distance with a run in only 4mins 28sec 266ms thanks to his i7 6700K clocked at an incredible 6,837.4 MHz. Together with Rsannino’s submission these are the only Skylake submissions that penetrate the dominance of Devil’s Canyon on the leaderboard. In fact the third fastest Skylake submission comes from slamms who managed a run in 4min 42sec 141ms.

Note that Rsannino made the submission as part of his conquest for glory in the Challenger 2016 Division I where he now enjoys a healthy and near unassailable first place standing in Stage 2.

Check out the submission on HWBOT here.

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