The OC Show - S03E02: HWBOT World Tour Latin America, OC Events in Indonesia, UK and India

In this second episode, season 3 of the OC Show, Pieter and Tim are back in Taipei to have a look at the latest news out of the community. Click on the image on the left or HERE. A list of the topics below:

  • - OC-ESPORTS competition updates
  • - HWBOT World Tour 2016, Latin America
  • - HWBOT World Tour 2016, South Africa
  • - Overclocking in the community
  • - iTechnocup 2016 in Indonesia
  • - The Big Freeze in the UK
  • - ASUS OC Tour India in Calcutta
  • - Overclockers in Focus


Join the live Q&A on Tuesday March 1st 9pm ET on the OCTV twitch channel:

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