New AMD SoCs Poised for Gambling Machines in Japan

Most of us on HWBOT are in the very least mildly intrigued by the impact that AMD’s forthcoming Zen architecture chips will have when they finally make an appearance at the end of the year. But today, news has surfaced that in all events, the company is doing its very best to remain competitive and alive and kicking whatever the outcome of Zen may be. According to a report in the Register AMD is poised to announce a new deal with a major Japanese manufacturer of next generation gambling machines.

The report outlines a quickly evolving gaming (or strictly speaking gaming) industry in Japan which is now turning to AMD to supply the next generation of embedded PC gambling machines that demand solid 3D graphics capabilities. AMD is confident that its new R Series and updated G Series x86 System-on-Chips will fit the bill offering a perfect storm of pin-to-pin compatibility and improved performance.

The newly updated G Series, dubbed the 'Brown Falcon' family of x86 SoCs will feature a pair of Excavator x86 cores (ala Carrizo) clocked somewhere between 1.7Gz and 2GHz, a Radeon R6E GPU clocked at 758MHz with support for EEC DDR4. The chips will also support 4K and 2K H.265 decode, PCIe gen-3, USB 3.0 with top SKUs having a TDP of 15W. Good enough for gambling machines and more.

Read the full story on the Register.

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