AnandTech Talks AMD Carrizo: "Who Controls the User Experience?"

In a hefty article published at AnandTech, Ian Cutress has a look at AMD's latest processor product code-named Carrizo. The CPU is based on the Excavator architecture and is built for notebooks. The 10,000th article at AT mainly deals with the question of User Experience and looks at the effect of notebook OEM's design choices on how the end-user experiences AMD's latest products.

The article is very, very detailed and covers one of AMD's biggest problems in the current market space: ensuring the customer has the best possible experience. In Carrizo's case, it appears that many OEMs chose for a cost-optimized light-weight design with single channel memory. This obviously causes the performance of the integrated graphics to be worse than AMD intended. I recommend in particular Page 19 - Negative Feedback Loops if you want to thoroughly understand the predicament AMD is in at the moment. Unable to enforce a certain product build type and/or quality, it loses customers who have a bad time using a gimped product.

Top quality read and one of the most interesting articles so far this year. Super recommended, check it out!

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