AMD Zen Opterons to Have 32 Cores

There is certainly a great deal of buzz surrounding AMD's forthcoming Zen architecture processors that are due to see the light of day some time towards the end of this year. Today that buzz is actually humming a little louder thanks to news that has surfaced regarding the Zen Opteron server parts which we now believe to have a very impressive 32 cores.

The story derives from a leaked slide that outlines the new Zen architecture including things we already knew (40% improvement in Instruction-per-clock, 14 nm FET process, DDR4 support etc), but the slide also mention the core-count and it looks like we’re getting 32 of them.

Along with their high-end desktop CPUs AMD’s server line up has not really evolved much in the last five years or so, a damning fact that has seen AMD fall way behind industry leaders Intel. The new Zen architecture designs target both of these market segments and represent possibly the company’s only realistic hope of gaining traction in the high-end desktop space. If the new top FX SKU has 32 cores, they might just have a chance.

Read the full story on Kitguru.

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