Micron Confirm GDDR5X to Reach Mass Production in Summer 2016

In a blog post on the company’s website a day or so ago, Micron have confirmed that they will begin mass production of GDDR5X memory in the summer of this year. They also confirmed that current samples are already hitting speeds of 13GB/s which means they remain on track for 14Gb/s performance at launch. This is good news for performance enthusiasts, especially of course in the area of graphics processors which should benefit massively from the improvements in speed as well as lower voltage and improved electrical performance.

According to Kristopher Kido, Director at Micron’s global graphics memory business:

“Micron is currently ramping GDDR5X to mass production, and will be announcing sample dates later this spring. We plan to be in full volume production this summer. I also hope to give you an update later this year on performance specifications. Based on the results so far, we believe that GDDR5X has the clear potential to achieve speeds of 14Gbps and potentially beyond.”

You can read the full blog on the Micron site here.

Via wccftech.com

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