Intel Shuts Down Cheap Skylake Overclocking

According to reports in the media, Intel has finally made a decisive and somewhat bold move of actually shutting down the loophole that allowed users to overclock non-K SKU Skylake processors. Since December of last year motherboard vendors started releasing revised BIOS versions that allowed users to increase performance by having full access the processor’s BCLK. Intel was rumored to be less than pleased, but today we finally have confirmation that they will issue a microcode update to motherboard vendors, which once implemented, will basically put end to non-K SKU overclocking.

According to PC World, an Intel spokesperson responded with the following quote:

“Intel regularly issues updates for our processors which our partners voluntarily incorporate into their BIOS. The latest update provided to partners includes, among other things, code that aligns with the position that we do not recommend overclocking processors that have not been designed to do so. Additionally, Intel does not warranty the operation of the processor beyond its specifications.”

So far it seems like the original BIOSes that allowed non-K SKU overclocking will remain usable out there in the wild, but in all likelihood newer boards will integrate the updated microcode.

Check out the full story on PC World.


United States GtiJason sagt:

Not liking this, but we knew it would come. Hold on to them old bios and maybe can use new bios with old microcode?

Argentina Alan_Alberino sagt:

Why Intel doesn't launch something like a i3-6320K? With Pentium G3258, and all the people overclocking i3, they should know that people want's to OC dual core CPUs.

Anyway, I have the theory that it's because the price, there is just 20 dollars between i3-6320 and i5-6400, so a K i3 would be at the same price that a i5.

Indonesia Lucky_n00b sagt:

Alan_Alberino said: Why Intel doesn't launch something like a i3-6320K? With Pentium G3258, and all the people overclocking i3, they should know that people want's to OC dual core CPUs.

My guess is Intel don't want to put an i3 at potentially the same performance level as the i5, which then makes them lose some margins selling the i5.

But yeah, now overclocking i3 has been introduced thanks to SuperMicro and all other vendors making a non-K BIOS. Even at HWBOT we can see i3 sometimes dominating the front page.
I wished Intel looked into that and make the decision to finally make a 'K' i3 next generation at a reasonable pricing. However, this would mean they would have to increase the speed of their lowest non-K i5 to still make it attractive for non-overclocker who buy an i5.

Italy pipes sagt:

use new bios with old cpu microcode and overclock work fine

United States Strong Island sagt:

hopefully the oc formula will still have the option of picking microcode in the bios. So maybe we can still use a new bios with an older microcode. At least we would still have some overclocking for awhile.

a k i3 sku would be pretty nice, I'm guessing though it would have to come close to $200 and probably raise prices of i5 and possibly i7 so that the additional performance doesn't hurt there pricing structure, so that starts to become not that cheap, I would almost rather save up for i5 or i7.

United States Strong Island sagt:

its so funny they say motherboard vendors "voluntarily incorporate the update into their bios" I wonder how intel would feel if the companies declined.

Also the comments in the article are so funny

"It's a matter of quality and reputation. These "not-supposed-to-be" OCd chips are nuking... and people are complaining about it."

"their higher end chips are more capable of handling the stress;"

I would love him to see some voltages we have been using. On water my chip was running great at 1.45v and it survived 1.9v ln2 without any signs of degradation. It can also run a little colder than my 6700k, just about full pot. They were a lot of fun.

Indonesia speed.fastest sagt:

What is the point shutdown cheap overclocking? All CPU can do overclocking so it doesn't matter (i3 OC can't beat i5 OC). Or maybe they don't want to kill AMD low end line up idk what intel think.

K404 sagt:

Is it ONLY the OC that is affected (removed) with the new BIOS'?

Belgium Massman sagt:

Microcode is updated regularly, patching all kinds of issues. Intel didn't release a patched microcode specifically for the non-K OC, but from the news stories it seems they just added a fix for it in a new release.

United Kingdom Jumper118 sagt:

in my opinion they aren't 'fixing' it by making it not able to oc, they are breaking it :/

United States Splave sagt:

Microcode 2D forever!

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