Overclocked Intel Core i3 6100 vs Core i5 4690

WCCFTech have just published an interesting article that compares the performance of an overclocked Core i3 6100 ($125) and a more expensive Core i5 4690 ($225). The testing tries to discover if using a non-K SKU Skylake chip really does represent good value now that the majority of motherboard vendors have released BIOS revisions that circumvent Intel’s locked BCLKs. The results may well be interesting for PC builders on a budget in much the same way as we did back in the day when any CPU could be pushed for a free, additional performance boost.

Keith May took an i3 6100 and managed to establish a solid 4.5GHz clock which is +22% beyond stock settings. His findings indicate that for some builders out there, an overlocked i3 Skylake processor competes pretty favorable in most applications compared to a previous-gen Haswell processor that costs $100 more..

You can read the full article with benchmark results and more here on WCCFTech..

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