Old School is Best School: Round 1 Winners

The curtain has just come down on this season’s first round of the Old School is Best School series on OC-ESPORTS. Perhaps not surprisingly, the winners are Classicplatforms.com, an old school overclocking team that needs no introduction, being the dominant force in this contest for the duration of the 2015 season. Classicplatforms claim a resounding win in Round 1 with victories in both stages of the contest and a maximum haul of 50 points. In second place we find XTREME OC Team Bulgaria on 18 points while third place goes to Belarus OC Team on 15. Let’s take a look at both stages and the submissions in a little more detail.

While Classicplatforms.com once again romped to victory thanks to an excellent performance from Kotari who swept away the competition in both stages, it’s also encouraging to see that a total of 16 teams took part in Round 1 of the contest. Teams from all around the globe went head to head in a battle to prove who is the king of Old School hardware tweaking. Congrats to all who participated!

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