Broadwell-E i7-6950X CPU To Cost $1,500

Those of you who are eagerly looking forward to getting your hands on the new Broadwell-E processors from Intel can now digest the sobering thought that the new top-dog, the Core i7-6950X, is rumored to cost a substantial $1,500 USD. This is according to an article published by German tech bloggers at

The eagerly anticipated Broadwell-E processor architecture will succeed the current 22nm Haswell-E architecture chips on the Intel high-end desktop (HEDT) segment. They will join the same X99 “Wellsburg” platform and feature up to 40 PCI-e lanes as well as an integrated memory controller which will allow overclockers to use a base clock of 2,133Mhz or 2,400Mhz.

The Core i7-6950X certainly looks like a tasty bit of kit boasting no less than 10 cores and 20 threads. However, Intel has apparently deemed that its new flagship x86 processor will deviate from recent HEDT flagship pricing of $999 USD, and ask for a something closer to $1,500 USD, a price tag we haven’t seen since the days of the Core 2 Quad QX9775.

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