ASRock U-Turns on Non-K, Non-Z170 OC Boards

News has surfaced that reveals ASRock has now had a change of heart regarding their forthcoming non-Z170 motherboards. The boards had originally been shown to media supporting their SKY OC technology at CES just a few weeks ago. ASRock planned to have three non-Z170 consumer boards (two H170 plus a B150 board) that would allow multiplier overclocking on locked Skylake Intel processors, similar to what we’ve seen from most other motherboard vendors on Z170 chipset boards.

ASRock branded their Non-K SKU overclocking technology as SKY OC with promises during CES 2016 of Non-K, Non-Z overclocking boards where unlocked multipliers would be available on H170 and B150 based products. However it would appear that ASRock have had a rethink on the issue, essentially backtracking on their original plans.

An ASRock spokesperson responded with this quote:

“ASRock has decided to remove SKY OC technology from these motherboards’ feature lists since it is not compliant with Intel Skylake CPU specifications.”

Read the full story on TechFrag.

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