Futuremark PCMark 8 v2.6.512 Update Released: Scores Not Comparable With Previous Versions

In a Press Release published on Futuremark's website, the company announced an update for the PCMark8 benchmark. The major update accommodates a change in the latest version of Adobe After Effects and improves support for NVMe SSDs. These changes affect the workloads in the Adobe Applications benchmark and the Storage benchmark which means that scores from the new versions of these tests should not be compared with older versions. Home, Creative, and Work benchmark scores are not affected.

Adobe Applications benchmark update: the After Effects test output has been changed to uncompressed AVI format as the latest version of Adobe After Effects CC no longer supports output to compressed Windows Media Video format. You can use Compatibility mode to compare scores with historical result data, also requires an older version of After Effects that supports Windows Media Video.

Storage benchmark update: the tests now provide better support for NVMe drives. Scores from NVMe drives will improve in some cases. The faster the drive, the bigger the difference. Other types of drive are unaffected.

For more information and details, please refer to the Press Release published at Futuremark.com.


Belgium Massman says:

Heads up for PCMark8 users ...

Finland FM_Jarnis says:

Note that ONLY Storage and Adobe Applications Tests have incompatible scores.

In the case of Storage, this is due to changes required by NVME drives and in case of Adobe Applications test, latest version of After Effects no longer supports WMV output, so we had to modify the test.

No changes to Work, Home, Creative or MS Office application tests.

You can also still run "old" v1.0 tests of these by enabling compatibility mode in the Help tab and choosing the older version of the workload - tho in the case of Adobe Application test, this then also requires older version of Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud that still offers the VMW support, and in the case of Storage tests, NVME drives may under-report their bandwidth, sometimes by up to 4x.

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