Rookie News: Reddit Overclocking (/r/overclocking) Top Rookie Team, Mische37 (DE) leading Rookie League with 460.30 pts

Every month or so we have a look at how well the overclocking teams adopt Rookie and Novice overclockers at HWBOT. The most friendly Rookie team at the moment is the Overclocking Subreddit /r/overclocking which enrolled 27 Rookies and 31 Novices. In second place we find from United States with 19 Rookies and 48 Novices. In third place we find the PC Games Hardware with 17 Rookies and 69 Novices. In the Rookie League, Mische37 from Germany is leading with 451.80 points which is 191.4 points more than Andy_1981 who is also from Germany and 282.9 points more than Shayan from Iran.

Team Rookies Novices
United States /r/overclocking 27 31
United States 19 48
Germany PC Games Hardware 17 69
Italy HwReady OC Official Team 12 25
Ukraine Overclockers.UA 9 25
France Cowcotland 6 18
USA ASUS Republic of Gamers 5 17
UK Team MLG 5 12
Germany 5 10
USA AMD Red Team 5 6

Congratulations to all the overclocking teams adopting the new overclockers and of course the Rookies for their dedication to overclocking!

Check out Rookie League here


Belgium Massman says:

They have a competition ongoing at the moment as well:

Good luck Rookies! :celebration:

United States GtiJason says:

Hey thanks for sharing our contest PJ. Buildzoid works hard running the team, but my motivation for starting this team with him was to attract new players. I spent a lot of time on this subreddit before I had heard of and and was part of what got me interested in XOC. I have got to give thanks to Slave for putting the idea of "passing it forward" in my head and is a big reason I was looking for reasons to help put some decent hardware in the hands of guys who needed it most, as well as have a chance to share a bit of what I know. For me helping others has been the best way to teach myself, so I'm really just being greedy :) Big shoutout to Buildzoid for making the time to be so involved with the team, while keeping his OC Blog running and still doing what he does best..... hard-modding everything . The kid sure loves "tinkering" with his gpu's. When in doubt add phases, volts and ice.

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