Overclock.net Retain Novice Nimble Crown in Round #6

The sixth ever round of the Novice Nimble overclocking contest on OC-ESPORTS just came to a conclusion a few days ago with Overclock.net retaining their position at the top of the Novice team hierarchy. Round 6 of the Novice Nimble saw a total of thirty teams of Novice overclockers go head to head across five unique stages. Read on for a full appraisal of scores, submissions and final standings.


Round 6 of the Novice Nimble really has been a tale of two teams really upping their game and going toe to toe in each individual stage. Overclock.net clearly have some very talented, dedicated and organised team members, while Hwready Oc Official Team will be disappointed to have narrowly missed out on the title this time around. Congrats to all thirty teams who participated in the contest, and of course a special shout to Overclock.net who retain the title having also won the previous Round 5. Don’t forget that the seventh round of the Novice Nimble has just kicked off on OC-ESPORTS. If you fancy the prospect of some competitive team overclocking and you are one of the many thousands of Novices on HWBOT, get involved, find a team and start pushing!

Full article at OC-ESPORTS: http://oc-esports.io/#!/article/3341/overclock.net_retain_novice_nimble_crown_in_round_6

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