PCPER: EVGA Z170 Motherboards to Support BCLK Overclocking Non-K CPUs

According to Pcper.com, quoting a Tweet sent by EVGA's Product Manager Jacob Freeman, EVGA will soon deliver a beta BIOS that supports non-K overclocking for Skylake processors. EVGA will join the rest of the mainboard manufacturers and is the last in line to support overclocking on the cheap.

PC Perspective also notes that it's still waiting for a sign of Intel and their official stance regarding non-K overclocking. So far it seems that most motherboard vendors opt for supporting this with unofficial beta BIOSes. Some vendors jumped ahead of the pack and turned it into an official motherboard feature, but for example's ASRock's Sky OC microsite has been taken offline. This may be an indication that Intel's definitely not okay having non-K OC promoted, but is interested in the effect on sales nonetheless.

The BIOSes should appear soon on the EVGA forums. Stay tuned for more information!

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