Ultimate GTX 980 Ti Matrix Platinum Air/LN2 Overclocking Guide by Xtreme Addict

Following his very popular Radeon R9 Fury Strix unlock guide in which Xtreme Addict showed us how to enable all the shaders as well as overclock to 1GHz HBM, the Polish overclocker is back with another extensive overclocking guide.

In the "Ultimate ASUS Matrix Platinum GTX 980 TI AC/LN2 Tips"-thread, Xtreme Addict covers the features of the graphics card. He also details the difference between Hynix and Samsung memory pointing out Nvidia's renewed policy made it possible to find Samsung ICs on more retail cards

"[...] good news for everyone, because of change of NVIDIA policy now retail cards are based on Samsung memories! So far only EVGA KPE cards and KFA2 HOF GOC Edition were retail models based on Samsungs and were more expensive than other Hynix cards, because normally NVIDIA (and AMD too) sells GPUs in bundle with specified memories - so far 980 TI was only paired with Hynix and vendors had to buy separately Samsung memories (and "throw away Hynix ICS which came with GPUs :P ) which was raising a cost of production per ~ 100 USD."

Further in the article you get an indication of the clock ranges. On air cooling Xtreme Addict reached 1550/2200 MHz, resulting in a 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme score of almost 9,500 points. On liquid nitrogen his Hynix-based graphics card reached 2055/2100 MHz and the Samsung-based graphics card 2070/2200 MHz. Good enough for 13,000 points in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme.

For more information or questions, check out the thread on the Extreme Overclocking sub-forum.


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