EVGA Z170 Classified Sub-Zero Overclocking Review by Ryan Leiserowitz

The US-based overclocker going by the handle TheGoat Eater is no stranger in the extreme overclocking community. Having competed in live competitions such as the MSI MOA in the past, he now spends his time writing articles for the die-hard overclockers. In the past couple of months he published two extreme overclocking reviews at Eteknix.com: GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion and ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme. Today he published his next article on his own website featuring the EVGA Z170 Classified motherboard.

"For now, the conclusion that I am drawing is that this is a damn fine board that may seem to be lacking in certain areas but does perform very well despite that. The board as I used it was certainly picky with D-Die Samsung, but with coaxing and a lot of patience the performance was decent. Though not what I could have gotten had I been able to run my timings really tight. If you plan to bench with a Skylake and a quad card setup there really is no other option that would be better that I can think of currently. If your plan is to use this board in your workstation or gaming rig you will not have to worry a bit about if the board is powerful enough for you."

Check out the full article at thegoateater.com.

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