Latest AMD Overdrive Supports Kaveri, Introduces Thermal Margin and Drops BEPM Support

The latest AMD OverDrive Utility was published in September 2014, but we only recently picked it up following an article on the Kaveri 3DMark Social Club. The latest version carries the number and is available for download from the AMD website.

In the Release Notes we can find more details on the changes. First and foremost, the latest version adds support for the Kaveri architecture. This obviously pings back to the article on the social club. Secondly, AMD introduces the term Thermal Margin. The Thermal Margin indicates how far the current operating temperature is below the maximum operating temperature of the processor. It replaces the actual CPU Temperature in the AOD GUI which is, ehrm, a bit strange. Last but not least AOD drops the support for BEPM or Black Edition Memory Profile. According to an almost six year old article at AnandTech:

If you have a motherboard with an AOD3 compatible BIOS (yes, there is such a thing) and you have a DDR3 memory module that has an AMD Black Edition Memory Profile, you can click one button and your system will overclock its memory to the settings that AMD and the memory vendor guarantee their platform at."

You can download AMD OverDrive from AMD's website. Enjoy the overclock!

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