14nm Kaby Lake in End Q4'16, 10nm Cannonlake Pushed Back to H2'17 (maybe 2018)

In an article published by (Chinese) a rough product road map for Kaby Lake surfaced. On the road map we find that the quad core Kaby Lake for desktop (KBL-S) is slated for the very last weeks of 2016 and the dual core counter parts are scheduled for early 2017. The -U and -Y mobile versions should arrive earlier, perhaps as early as August this year.

On the topic of 10nm Cannonlake, reports that the official message from Intel is that the architecture has been pushed back to the second half of 2017. According to there's a change that we won't see Cannonlake fully in the market until 2018 though, considering the Kaby Lake release timetable shifts.

Read the original article at You may need to use an online translate service.

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