Stasio Uploads More GIGABYTE Z170 BIOSes with Non-K OC Support

Stasio is one of our main contributors of sharing beta BIOSes for primarily GIGABYTE motherboards. He is active in most of the latest generation BIOS threads (Z170 and X99) and has recently shared the non-K overclocking BIOSes for most of the GIGABYTE Z170 motherboards.

In this post on the forum you can find the latest beta BIOS for nine motherboards. The list includes the Z170X-SOC Force (F6f), Z170X-Gaming G1 (F7c), Z170X-Gaming GT (F6c), Z170X-Gaming 7 (F7d), Z170X-Gaming 5 (F5g), Z170X-Gaming 3 (F5j), Z170X-UD5 (F5i), Z170X-UD3 (F5f) and Z170XP-SLI (F6g).

In addition to enabling non-K overclocking, of course with the same restrictions all other vendors have, GIGABYTE has also added support for memory dividers with odd rations such as DDR4-2533 and DDR4-3600.

Note: if you leave the settings at default, the BIOS will operate as any other version. That means you have the integrated graphics enabled, AVX performance enabled and of course the power management enabled. Enjoy the overclocking!

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