Moderator Ranking 2015 - 13,198 Moderations (36.16 per day!)

Moderations Moderator
5462Christian Ney

It's a widely known fact that HWBOT wouldn't be operating as efficiently as it is without the limitless support from dedicated community members who not only keep the database clean from faulty entries, but also take care of the hardware database and help out in the forum. It isn't easy to measure the impact of the volunteer staff as much of the activity happens behind the curtains. One of the statistics we have access to, however, is the number of "moderator actions". An action is for example checking a result as valid after a user flagged it.

It does not include things like adding and merging hardware categories, which is what Strunkenbold is doing very well. It also does not include bulk edits in the database, for example for moving hundreds of results from one hardware category to another. In the Moderator Ranking for the year 2015, Christian Ney tops the board with 5462 actions. That is almost 15 actions per day! In second place we find Leeghoofd. He takes care of the Rookie and the Novice competitions primarily. In third place we find GENiEBEN from Romania who is known mostly for breaking the benchmarks ... and help cleaning up the database.

A big thanks goes out to all the staff for their dedication and passion!


United States Mr.Scott says:

The staff additions are quite diligent and pleasant to deal with. Great improvement. Thanks to all for the hard work. :)

Germany fuzz3l says:

Special thanks to Knut for his effort :D Great job guys!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Knut just deals with Massman's submissions, thus only one bad submission reported :p

Christian Ney says:

Actually, it was his own submission that he edited :D

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Is he that guy on Facebook that always likes his own posts?

Belgium Massman says:

I only like your posts [MENTION=16588]Leeghoofd[/MENTION]

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

CN goes for WR I guess :)

Christian Ney says:

Got 'em all already :D

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