5 Competitions Lose OC-ESPORTS Points in January

The OC-ESPORTS points are a part of the equation for the HWBOT Overclockers League leaderboard as the league is based on a member's best 15 combined global and wr scores overall, best 20 hardware scores overall, and the 10 best OC-ESPORTS points from the past 365 days. To help you understand why you may lose points this point, below you can find a table of the competitions which will lose their points this month.

Competitions Losing Points in January 2016

Competition Date of Losing Points Level Winner
GIGABYTE Good Bye 2014 Challenge 2015-01-04 1 Vivi
HyperX OC Takeover 2015 World Finals 2015-01-08 3 Xtreme Addict
Rookie Rumble #13 2015-01-10 1 narutoxik
Rookie Rumble AMD #10 2015-01-10 1
Mobile Geeks 801 Tweaker Challenge 2015-01-15 1 Arise


Belgium Massman says:


Poland Xtreme Addict says:

I am sad :(

Germany der8auer says:

Goodnight sweet points

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

I think I am going to cry all the night :( :D

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Xtreme Addict said: I think I am going to cry all the night :( :D

Hahah, you'll be going to get moar points in next upcoming competition(s) anyway man, you'll get those points back I'm sure :D :D

Belgium Massman says:

Just leaving this here. Screenshot from an upcoming article:

:celebration: :celebration: :celebration:

Canada WhiteWulfe says:

Finally a Canadian in the top ten overall :P

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