Tecmundo: "Brazilians Dominate 3D Overclocking World Rankings"

Tecmundo is one of the biggest online technology publications in Brazil who we worked with in last year's World Tour. Today they cover a specific leaderboard hidden in the realms of the forum. The thread titled Single GPU Kings features three leaderboards summing up the points in 3D benchmarks. The first leadeboard includes points from only the Single GPU 3D benchmarks, the second board includes the points from dual GPU benchmarks and the third leaderboard includes simply all the 3D points.

The Brazilian technology website cove rs the Single GPU leaderboard for a specific reason: two Brazilian overclockers are at the top of their game. Rbuass and Schenckel bros are both very active 3D overclockers and carry a warm heart for this aspect of overclocking. They advocate for a higher relevance of 3D benchmarks in the Overclockers League and HWBOT in general. They are ranked respectively first and fifth in the leaderboard, being separated by Dancop from Germany, Hideo from Japan and K|ngp|n from the United States.

The article includes an overview of the different 3D benchmarking leaderboards as well as a small interview with Rbuass. For those who missed the news: Schenckel Bros made a killing at the GALAX GOC 2015 competition a couple of weeks ago in the freestyle overclocking event.

Check out the full coverage at Tecmundo in Portuguese here. You may need Google Translate.

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