New Record! More Visitors This Month Than Ever (and December Isn't Over Yet)

The year 2015 ends on a positive note for HWBOT. In the year review article, to be posted on Thursday, you will find detailed statistics on what people read and view at HWBOT. One statistic I want to share with you ahead of the article: December 2015 is officially the month with the highest unique visitors on the site!

It comes to no surprise, really, that this month has been particularly good for traffic. December 2015 is known for the release of BIOSes that support overclocking of the non-K Skylake processors. Overclocking on the cheap? Yes, that's what we all want! The small article we posted on December 2 expressing our disbelief when seeing Dhenzjhen's 4.6GHz Core i3 is one of the most visited pages of the month. Along with the articles, the Skylake OC sub-forum is also doing very well being the 10th most visited URL this month. However, it's not quite as popular as our Marketplace: For Sale sub-forum which is, after the front page and forum index pages, the most visited section of the entire site! Maybe people are looking for some extra gear?

With two days left this month, we clock the Unique Visitor counter at 171,000 which is slightly better than the previous best of 166,500 in January 2011. In that month, overclockers and their grand-mothers got to play with the new Sandy Bridge 2500K and 2600K processors.

Thank you everyone for the support and wish you all the best next year!

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