HW-DB Reviews G.SKILL Trident Z 16GB DDR4-3200C16 and Overclocks it to DDR4-4000 C12-19-19-28 at 1.85V

Websmile continues his reviewing activity at HW-DB with a fresh article. This week Websmile published a review of the G.SKILL Trident Z F4-3200C16Q-16GTZ DDR4 memory kit of 4x 4GB DDR4-3200. It's a quad-channel kit designed for X99, but of course also works well on in combination with a Skylake processor.

The E-die overclocking characteristics are described as follows by Websmile: "Similar to K4A4G085WD (4Gbit D-die), K4A4G085WE (E-die) works best when the CAS latency is significantly lower than second and third primary timings, tRCD and tRP. The exact disproportion depends on memory clock speed and used voltage since increasing the latter allows for a bigger drop of CAS in contrast to tRCD and tRP." The conclusion is quite positive and reads as follows: "With all the amazing things that we discovered about the 3200C16 version of G.Skill Trident Z throughout the previous two webpages, it is hard to leave with an opinion that is short of positive. If our sample is a valid representation of what retail customers will also get, then buying some of the faster kits can be seen as a waste of money since our relatively low-rated version was easily able to clear their specs on a mid-range gaming board. On top of that, you get solid build quality, pleasant aesthetics and G.Skill's bulletproof lifetime warranty."

For more information and details, check out the review at HW-DB.com.

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